This is a “one of a kind” fellowship and the first in the United States, offering exclusive training in managing post-surgical pain on an outpatient basis. Fellows will be exposed to diverse cases and will have an opportunity to perform various nerve blocks, nerve catheters, cryoanalgesia, radio-frequency ablation, peripheral nerve stimulation, IV Ketamine infusions and IV Lidocaine infusions as part of their experience here at TampaPainMD.

Research is an integral part of this fellowship and fellows will have one day/week for research endeavors. After completion of the fellowship, fellows will be ready to start their post-surgical | Transitional pain practice in the area of their choosing.

As part of the program, fellows will have opportunities to participate in both American Society of Post Surgical Pain (ASPSP) and Ultrasound Experts in furthering the nascent science of post-surgical pain and transitional pain in the scientific community.

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Research Grants & Awards

Research is an integral part of the mission of ASPSP. Clinical and non-clinical research are paramount to further the science and understanding of post-surgical pain.

Our team of leaders, members are always in the lookout for mentors and mentees.

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ASPSP Approved Partners

Hospitals, Universities & Private practices who train physicians and non-physician practitioners in managing post-surgical pain in offering cutting edge, evidence based treatments get a seal of approval from ASPSP and be recognized nationally and internationally for their focus on managing post-surgical pain

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