Image: Radiograph of an infero-lateral genicular nerve permanent peripheral nerve stimulator (PNS) implant in a patient s/p total knee arthroplasty.

Description: 74-year-old, female, presents with chronic knee pain after total knee arthroplasty. Thermal radiofrequency ablation of supero-medial, supero-lateral, infero-medial genicular nerves provided >80% relief. To address the pain in the distribution of infero-lateral genicular nerve, a permanent PNS was implanted using ultrasound guidance by placing the lead in close proximity of infero-lateral genicular artery and getting a feedback on stimulation from the patient in the area of her pain.

Author: Arun Kalava MD, FASA, EDRA

Affiliation: University of Central Florida College of Medicine


Posted on

December 28, 2021