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ASPSP Conference

September 27-28, 2024 in Tampa, FL

Acute Post-Surgical Pain

Current evidence and best practices for management of acute post-surgical pain in and out of hospital

Pediatric Post-Surgical Pain

Best practices in managing acute, sub-acute and chronic post-surgical pain in children

Sub-acute (Transitional) Post-Surgical Pain

Emerging evidence in managing Transitional Pain and how to establish a Transitional pain practice

Peripheral Nerve Blocks (AKA Regional Anesthesia)

Latest guidelines and evidence in the use of nerve blocks to manage post-surgical pain

Chronic Post-Surgical Pain

Prevention strategies and management options in managing chronic post-surgical pain

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Application of peripheral nerve stimulation in managing various stages of post-surgical pain


Member Goals & Responsibilities

  • To prevent or eliminate the development of chronic postsurgical pain (CPSP) by aggressively managing acute and transitional (sub-acute) post-surgical pain.
  • To provide a platform that encourages dialogue in managing post-surgical pain, for surgeons, anesthesiologists, pain physicians, emergency physicians, primary care physicians, physiatrists, and ancillary staff (nurses & physical therapists).
  • Educate physicians and non-physician providers involved in surgical patient care about post-surgical pain.
  • Setting standards and guidelines for the management of acute, transitional (sub-acute), and chronic post-surgical pain.
  • Advocating for promotion of post-surgical pain treatment centers throughout North America and beyond.
  • To raise public awareness through education, outreach, and engagement thus minimizing pain and suffering after surgery.

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ASPSP Members Are The Key To Change

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